Multi-Centre Saint-Charles Directory

The large variety of services offered by Multi-Centre Saint-Charles can be tailored to a diverse clientele. Whether you are self-employed, part of a management team, a very small or medium-sized company, a non-profit organization or an individual, Multi-Centre Saint-Charles team can offer you rental and business solutions that meet your requirements.

With its many vocations, from professional services to health care and education, Multi-Centre Saint-Charles is a meeting ground deeply rooted in cooperation and support thanks to individuals’ participation and the centre’s network of partners.

Force-Légal inc.

Resource person: Me Serge L. Girard

Force-Légal inc. is a firm specializing in business law. Our approach is that of prevention. Our services include incorporation and organization of joint-stock companies, commercial contracts write-up such as shareholder agreements, company contracts, commercial leases, etc. Company start-up, merger and acquisition, financing, legal counsel.

L’Association PANDA Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Personne ressource: : Karolyne Normand

L’Association PANDA Vaudreuil-Soulanges est un organisme sans but lucratif qui a été fondé en 2008. Notre mission est d’offrir aux parents et aux intervenants des moyens pour répondre aux besoins des enfants ayant un trouble déficitaire de l’attention avec ou sans hyperactivité. Nos objectifs sont de favoriser le regroupement et l’entraide entre les parents ayant un enfant avec un TDA/H, d’outiller les intervenants scolaires et sociaux travaillant avec les enfants atteints du TDA/H et de représenter les parents-membres à titre d’organisme-pivot.

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Alternative Coup de Pouce

Alternative Coup de Pouce voit le jour en 2006 et compte alors quelques clients dans la grande région de Montréal. Au fil des années, grâce au travail acharné de toute l’équipe et à la qualité de nos services, les clients s’ajoutent et le territoire desservi s’agrandit.

Karine Joly médiatrice

Détentrice d’une maîtrise en travail social et d’une formation en coaching et médiation, je suis médiatrice familiale en cas de divorce ou séparation (médiation, négociation, entente à l’amiable, résumé des ententes), coach professionnelle (objectifs, plan d’action et découverte de vous-même) et travailleuse sociale (anxiété, épuisement, dépression et stratégie personnelle ou de couple). Je dessers les secteurs de Vaudreuil-Soulanges et Montréal.

Grand Rassemblement des Aînés de Vaudreuil et Soulanges

Contact Suzanne Moses, Administrative Assistant


The non-profit organization Grand Rassemblement des Aînés de Vaudreuil-Dorion contributes to break the isolation as well as to develop and maintain the power to act of individuals aged 50 years plus, creating interventions in their environment through INFORMATION, SUPPORT and ACCOMPANIMENT.

Le Tournant

Resource person : Philippe Lelièvre, Director

Mission : Welcoming and supporting individuals with mental health disturbances and those suffering from emotional distress in their process towards well-being, as well as helping them identify a meaning to life throughout the creation and realization of their projects.

Services are offered to adults 18 years of age and older suffering from a mental health disorder.


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Clinique PsychoFamiliale Solution-Santé Inc.

Resource person: Karine Diamond, M.A., Owner and Clinical Director

A children, youth, adults, couples and families clinic located in Montérégie with two locations to better serve your needs. The multidisciplinary team behind Solution-Santé is composed of professionals from various fields of expertise offering a range of mental/physical health and learning services, and of passionate counsellors to listen to your needs. Many services under the same roof: psychology, speech therapy, special education, psychoeducation, ergotherapy, social work, sex therapy, nutrition, education and professional counselling, family mediation and nursing care.

SDEM SEMO Montérégie

Personnes ressource : Nancy Poirier, Conseillère à l’intervention, Sylvie Bonenfant, Conseillère à l’intervention

SDEM-SEMO Montérégie is a non-profit organization that trains, integrates and helps maintain employment for handicapped individuals all over Montérégie. The definition of a handicapped person may include many types of challenges notably physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological, specific (TSA) and severe learning disabilities. Our services help over 1000 individuals each year find meaningful work and answer the needs of our local employers.

Vision-Travail Vaudreuil

Coordinator: Martine Leblanc

Employability services serving the needs of residents of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges MRC aged 40 years and more looking for work.

Competencies assessment, techniques, tools and effective work search strategies: CV, letters, Internet use, hidden market, networking, interview preparation, action plan and work search management.

Free services offered by Emploi-Québec.